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What can Help a Stray do?

Lost & Found Compass

Navigate the heartfelt journey of the Lost & Found Compass, where every lost pet's story finds a hopeful chapter. Join our community dedicated to reuniting families and creating forever homes. Your contribution could be the guiding star that leads a lost pet back into loving arms.

Chit-Chat Pet-acular

Immerse yourself in the Chit-Chat Pet-acular! Connect with fellow pet enthusiasts, share stories, and exchange tips. The lively chat functionality ensures you're never alone in this pet-loving universe. Because pet talk isn't just talk; it's a celebration of furry friendships.

Chip Finder

Find lost pets effortlessly with our Chip Finder. Simply input the chip number of the pet, and if it’s registered on Help a Stray, you’ll get instant results. No match? No worries—enable notifications to be alerted as soon as a pet with the specified chip is registered. Simplify your search and connect directly with pet owners to reunite lost companions quickly and effectively

Paw-nShop Map Extravaganza

Explore the map of Help a Stray to discover pets in need and pet-friendly stores near you. Navigate the map for pet shops and veterinarians for your furry friends that are near you. Because every pawprint on the map leads to a world of pet-loving adventures!

Pawsome Search & Discover

Explore lost/found and for adoption companions. Customize your search up to 25 km, seek specific pets or statuses, and discover curated results with a simple tap. Because finding your perfect pet companion or reuniting lost friends should be as easy as a wag of a tail!

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Spark Joy, Make a Pawsitive Impact!

Download Help a Stray today and let's embark on a journey of joy, compassion, and positive change. Every pawprint counts, and your simple action can make a world of difference. Join the community where happiness is just a click away!